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Pine Forest Walk to Ballston Beach
The Ballad of the Quotidian
Ode to a Dogwood
Love Letter to My River
Self Portrait Still Life in Truro, Ma
Self Portrait Still Life with Daffodils
The Year the Robins Never Left
The Peonies Didn't Bloom
Brood X
Brood X Detail
If you are the morning tide
Odiorne Point
Odiorne Point Detail
Odiorne Point Detail
Debris Memento Mori
Still Life with Pears
Still Life with Basket
Still Life with Letter
The Ongoing Moment
Detail: The Ongoing Moment

"And the Tree Remembers", Site Specific Installation

at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, Newcastle, ME, using collected, slip dipped and fired fragments from workshop participants throughout the week.

Cone 6 Porcelain in hollowed out tree trunk, 2017

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